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The Access Portal management software suite brings a new level of simplicity to the operation of access control, whether you’re a small business or multi-site enterprise, or somewhere in between. We have the software for your needs.

From auto-install functionality, to built-in wizards and automatic detection of hardware, the software is easy to use and quickly provides the information you need, when you need it. In addition, unique to Access Portal is the ability to access real-time information, 24-hours a day, through a smart phone, tablet or computer – the choice is yours.

The true power of Access Portal lies in its flexibility and scalability.  The software can be customised to your specific needs and upgrading to a new tier simply requires a license key – no redundancy, migration or hassle.

In addition, as new features are released, Access Portal customers enjoy these free-of-charge, ensuring you’re always able to take advantage of new developments and technologies for years to come.  Access Portal customers also enjoy free 24-hour technical support.


Access Portal PRO. Superior Scalability

You have superior control with this web-based system, operating on a single powerful platform that is exceptionally capable, yet simple to configure.

The vast feature set makes it one of the most scalable and flexible systems available with immense growth potential for your sites.

Access and view live information and customised web reports all from your mobile device. Anywhere you are.

System Feature

Access Portal Pro is packed with advanced
system features.
• Time and event triggered actions
• Tag suspension facilities
• SQL Express/Server
• Access groups
• User customised operator security facilities
• Biometric integration – can run multiple biometric brands on 1 system
• Browser based user interface
• Graphic floor plan
• Web visitor enrolment
• Multi-site
• Customisable web reports
• IP controllers
• 5 000 tags per system with up to 4 tags per person
• Up to 250 000 access groups per system

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